"Extra Custom Frameworks" Field bug with spaces

Apologies if this has been asked before, or if I’ve missed something obvious.

I’m trying to add a custom framework to a project using the “Extra Custom Frameworks” field in the Projucer. This is a 3rd party framework, which unfortunately has spaces in the name. I can’t change the name of the framework. If I try to include the framework, no matter what I do (use escape sequences for the spaces, quotations around the framework name), the Projucer splits it into separate framework names on each space.

Could this be fixed? Thanks!

Which version of Projucer are you using exactly? Did you build it yourself?

I’ve tried with both 6.0.7 and the latest on develop, building myself but no modifications to the source.

With a framework called e.g. The Framework Name.framework:

No quotes (with or without escaped spaces) gives: The.framework, Framework.framework, Name.framework
Escaped single quotes gives: 'The.framework, Framework.framework, Name'.framework
Escaped double quotes gives: "The Framework Name".framework
Non-escaped single/double quotes give an invalid Xcode project

This should correctly parse framework names with spaces in, dealing with one framework per-line (as the docs for that setting indicate) as before it was tokenising using whitespace too.


Fantastic, thanks for the quick turnaround Ed! Just confirmed the fix works.