Adding folders with whitespaces in introjucer does not work


i've tried to add a destination folder for the executable in introjucer with white spaces like this : "/volumes/my spaced dir/otherdir"

But Xcode (5) can not parse this project, only if I add " " around the the dst string in the resulting xcode project. Adding the "" or '' inside introjucer does also not work, it destroys the string in the resulting xcode project.

Is there a workaround like %20 in URL encoding for the whitespaces?


This link provides explanations:

Thanks, but no solution.

It's clear to me that whitespaces are not the best, but I can't change the path itself - it's generated by a virtual machine:
"/Volumes/VMWare Shared Folders/from_here_i_have_control_but_not_before/myFile" :-(

Hm, does XCode accept symlinks as targets? EDIT: No, does not work for folders

I'd have thought that all the strings in the Xcode project are correctly escaped - I've spent a lot of effort doing that in the code. Can you point me at exactly where in juce_ProjectExporter_Xcode.cpp the setting is used?

Yes, line 757 && 758:

s.add ("DSTROOT = " + sanitisePath (binaryPath.toUnixStyle()));
s.add ("SYMROOT = " + sanitisePath (binaryPath.toUnixStyle()));

This should work, but can't compile it from here yet to test it.

s.add ("DSTROOT = \"" + sanitisePath (binaryPath.toUnixStyle()) + "\"" );
s.add ("SYMROOT = \"" + sanitisePath (binaryPath.toUnixStyle()) + "\"" ); 

XCode does the same if you insert a whitespaced string.


Cheers, I'll get that sorted out this morning..

Bit late... it works, thanks!