Adding Xcode scripts problem

I use a script to copy some dylibs into my project.

First, it actually needs to be in between compile and link, as far as I can tell.

Second, I can’t seem to put " " in. I’ve tried backslashes etc. and then the project won’t parse in xcode. The script won’t run without them:

Possibly it’s the tokens that make the quotes necessary.


Really? I’m pretty sure it handles quotes, because the script that’s added for copying audio plugins is full of quotes, and that works. Are you sure it’s not failing for some other reason?

Well, if I have that script without quotes, it goes in fine (but script fails). If I add quotes, Xcode can’t open the project - no clues front and center.

What does the audio script look like?

It’s in the introjucer binary data folder, called AudioPluginXCodeScript.txt

Yup. Lotta quotes. Buggered if I know then. Without quotes - opens fine. With quotes, doesn’t parse. Couldn’t be something silly like " being the last character?

Yep, that’s it. Add this as a XCode pre-build script to Juce Demo:


Aha! Ok, try what I just checked in…