Post-build script parse error Xcode 6.0.1 JUCE 3.0.8

Hi there,


When I create a post build script for xcode in the Jucer window I am unable to open the xcode project gives a parse error:


"cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed."


This is a Gui Jucer project, However it seems the post-build script for VST works fine  ..



What's your script? Perhaps it contains some characters that aren't being correctly escaped?

I tried something very simple.. see attached screen shot of the error message and the script .. 


when I remove the script and save the project I can open again, even just one line with a comment ..



Yeah, it was just a mistake in the escaping code. A script with even a single space in it would have worked fine, but I've fixed it so it should work in all cases now. (If you find another script that fails, let me know what it contains)