Projucer adding quotes to Post-Build Shell Script and breaking XCode project

Using Projucer 6.0.8, building for XCode on Mac. I have the following Post-Build Shell Script:

rsync -r --exclude=.svn "../../Challenges/" "/Library/Application Support/Syntorial/Challenges/"

This is an old script that has never caused any issues with previous versions of Projucer. But now, when I save the Projucer file and try to open it in XCode it says:

The project ‘Syntorial’ is damaged and cannot be opened due to a parse error. Examine the project file for invalid edits or unresolved source control conflicts.
Path: /Users/Joe/Developer/syntorial/Syntorial/Builds/MacOSX/Syntorial.xcodeproj

I took a look at the xcodeproj file in git, and Projucer is adding an additional quotation to the end of the script like this:

rsync -r --exclude=.svn "../../Challenges/" "/Library/Application Support/Syntorial/Challenges/""

If I remove the shell script the project succesfully loads in XCode and I can then paste the script directly into XCode.

Do you see any issues with my script, or could this be a Projucer bug?

I believe this has already been fixed on develop in 282ad8fa. Please try building the Projucer with that commit and re-saving the project.

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That did it. Thanks!