"the project file cannot be parsed" says XCODE of my project from the Introjucer

Using Xcode 6.4 with the latest Juce tip, i try for the first time to build my juce project for OSX (I've been developing it for ages on win only).

I keep getting "the project file cannot be parsed" when I try to open the xcode project created by the introjucer however...

How could I go about fixing this?



Definitely not a general problem - if you can figure out what's different in your project from everyone else's, let me know and we'll fix it!


I figured out what it was:


Simply putting garbage (in my case windows-style absolute paths to files) under "Header search paths" and "Extra library search paths" is what broke it. I had copy pasted them in from my Windows build target settings and then forgottem to fix them.

Not a mistake that many are likely to make, unless they have 0 experience with a mac, until suddenly they decite to compile code on it, as I did :D


I know this is an old post, but I recently came across this error too. In my case, it was fixed by removing spaces in the ‘Bundle Identifier’ entry.