Projucer project won't compile in XCode


I am new to Juce however I am an experienced Apple Developer. I am trying to build my first Projucer generated application. However when I follow the instructions in your tutorial it generates an Xcode project which will not build.

  1. I downloaded the pre-compiled version of Juce and Projucer from your website.

  2. I ran Projucer and generated the simplest gui project possible, per your tutorial.

  3. I am running Mac OS 10.15.7 and Xcode 12.4

  4. As far as I can tell it looks like the project is searching for a path to some files that it cannot find. What I don’t understand is why those files would not automatically be included. Here is a screenshot of what I see in Xcode:

Those files should be included automatically.

Could you please give a more detailed list of steps you followed? There are a few odd things in that screenshot.

Why is your Main.cpp in the Resources group?
You also appear to be missing the JUCE modules group.

Is the path to your JUCE modules set correctly in the Projucer?

Hi Tom,

Here is a PDF showing the steps I followed:

JUCE Issues.pdf (1.88 MB)

Are you sure the path to the modules is the modules folder and not the JUCE folder? Looks like errors I see when the modules aren’t being located

Yes this seems to be some path issue to me as well.
Go to Projucer->Global Paths, and see what you got there.
Also go to modules tab in Projucer and make sure you don’t see any red text in any of the modules, which implies that the module(s) folder can’t be found.

The modules path was definitely wrong. I changed the folder name after I downloaded JUCE and it did not sync with the new folder. However I did not know how to change it so a friend helped me.

If you got a solution to this please share the details.I am facing the same problem

I had the same issue.
Fix: I downloaded JUCE again, and replaced the JUCE folder.

Avoid space chars in paths. Delete and reinstall everything if you accidentially had a space char somewhere.