PROJUCER Build errors: 'juce_gui_basics.h' file not found

This text will be hiddenMy Xcode project builds fine - created 100% from the PROJUCER. But when I try to do a build inside PROJUCER I get errors like ‘juce_gui_basics.h’ file not found.

I don’t understand why one would compile an link fine but not build within PJ

but I don’t understand why i have to add so many paths to PRODUCER LIVE BUILD SETTINGS though.

Surely it should build fine if Xcode builds fine.

You shouldn’t need to add any extra paths for the live-build to work. Just to check - are you using the latest version of JUCE? And are your module paths correct in the Config->Modules section of the Projucer?


Yep. 4.3.0 - the entire project was created first in PROJUCER - my source code added to it. saved. then compiled inXCode. builds perfectly.

What i’ve ends up having to do is put the paths to all the same source code i already added to the FILES tap section into the PROJUCER LIVE BUILD SETTINGS section.

It now builds inside PROJUCER. But this step really shouldn’t be required. Unless I’m doing something wrong.

if PROJUCER has enough information to produce a correct Xcode project that builds without errors then PROJUCER has the required information already for LIVE BUILD SETTINGS and in shouldn’t have to enter all the paths again MANUALLY.

Hi nonchai, here’s a few questions to narrow down your issue:

Which version of Xcode do you use?
Is your Xcode installed in the default location /Applications/
Which SDKs do you have in /Applications/

Hi Stefan

Its the latest 8 version of Xcode running on macOS Sierra. And 4.3. Not the developer branch just the standard download.

It is running in /Applications/ - but on a different disk partition to the boot petition -

but this is true for BOTH my projects, source code and Xcode stuff. I run a minimal boot up partition currently but all my “stuff” is on another partition. HD2

( HD2/Applications/etc etc )

Modules section of the Projucer?>

yes. pretty sure. not at machine right now but lets face it - Xcode itself builds the project fine - so if the paths are correct enough for all the modules for PRODUCER to produce a perfect Xcode project i’m puzzled why PRODUCER itself can’t also run its own compile process without issues.

( i didnt do any tweaks or path mods in Xcode directly - a boo boo of course for PRODUCER users )

PS - for now i’m just going to have to live with your forum software correcting your IDE to PRODUCER ! :slight_smile:

Kind of apt for a “muso” pro-audio SDK no ? :wink:

Hi nonchai

It is running in /Applications/ - but on a different disk partition to the boot petition
( HD2/Applications/etc etc )

The Projucer live build engine expects to find all SDKs, Standard Library headers, etc. in /Applications/ On your system it’s in HD2/Applications/ That’s why you need to add these paths manually.