GUI Basics tutorials won't run in Projucer

From - after downloading the associated zip file mentioned in the text Projucer gives an error: something with the modules path being incorrect... can someone please help/clarify how to remedy this? Thanks in advance.

Under 'modules' in the 'config' tab of the projucer's left panel you'll see 'juce_audio_basics'.

Click on this, and in the right panel you'll see where you can set the path for your Juce install for your target build platform.  Just navigate to the 'modules' folder under Juce.  Now it should stop complaining and show information for your Juce version.

You are supposed to be able to copy this path to all the other modules.  To do so, click on 'modules' in the tree.  Then select 'juce_audio_basics' so it is highlighted, and press the button "Set Paths for All Modules".

Let me know if this works for you.  It does not work for me, so I have to go back to the first window, select my new correct path, copy it, and paste it in to the window for each of the other modules.


Hope this helps


It does work, but...

after the path is copied to all the other modules, and the list shows every entry as Installed Version: 4.10, I still get the error:

'../../../../../juce/modules/juve_audio_basics/juce_audio_basics.h' file not found

once for Main.cpp and once for projucer_LiveComponentUtils.cpp. This by the way is in the ComponentParentsChildrenTutorial, freshly downloaded from

the project won't build either in Xcode, with error: 

no such file or directory: '/Users/mac/juce/modules/juce_audio_basics/'

'mac' is my username on this computer. Super original, I know.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help, seems like these tutorial .jucer projects should be able to work out of the box...

seems like these tutorial .jucer projects should be able to work out of the box...

Yeah that'd be nice but is not really possible: they need the JUCE modules folder to compile, and they can't possibly know where you have that on your machine!

Here's how to do it:

  • download and unzip the tutorial project
  • Open the Tutorial.jucer file in the Introjucer
  • Go to the "Config" tab
  • Click on one of the modules on the left, for example juce_audio_basics
  • On the right side, set the path to the JUCE modules folder for your IDE (you can click on the "..." button and just navigate to it in the file dialogue that will open)
  • Click on the "Modules" item on the left
  • On the right side, in the list of modules that appear, click on the one that you just set the correct path for
  • Click on the "Set paths for all modules..." button
  • Click on "Copy the paths from the selected module..." thingy that will pop up
  • Click on "Save Project and open in IDE"
  • everything should compile in your IDE now.

Just FYI, I am aware that this workflow is not really nice, and yes we will make this easier as soon as we can.