Small issues distributed XCode projects

In Jucedemo.xcodeproj:

The file ApplicationStartup.cpp properties has file location set to ‘Absolute Path’ and therefore shows up as missing (unless you’re on Jules’ Mac, I guess). I think it should be set ‘Relative to Project’.

In Juce.xcodeproj

Is there any reason that the project is set to compile against the 10.3.9 SDK? (Other than a statically linked libstdc++?) It seems to compile fine with SDK set to ‘Current’. Is there something in the README about this requirement? I didn’t find it.



oops - didn’t spot the absolute path, I’ll sort that out.

And yes, the 10.3.9 is a mistake in the last version, where I’d been trying it out and forgot to reset it before I zipped up the project.