No such file or directory (library paths)

Hi There -
I’m very new to xCode, C++, and Juce - so I apologize for the relative newbness of this question:

I’ve been downloading the tutorials, but when I open them, they don’t compile correctly. When I do the project from scratch, using “Projucer” - they work fine.

From what I gather, this is because the paths to the Juce modules in the pre-fabricated code presume different locations than where the files are actually stored for me. I get a lot of this kind of error:
“no such file or directory: ‘/Users/fw/juce/modules/juce_audio_formats/’”

Is there a way to reassign that path?


In the introjucer go into the cofig tab and click a module in your project.
Set the module’s file path per IDE on the right.
Click on the module dropdownparent.
Click the module with the corrent file paths on the right and then click “set paths for all modules”

Make sure you either have the VST3 SDK or disable it and only build AU if you’re on a mac

Great, that seems to work… how do I disable the VST3 SDK, though?

Make sure the following things are disabled: