Projucer not generating 'relative to' resize code

Juce 5.2.1

Using projucer to redesign an old dialog. I have set up a new GroupComponent and had placed a number of components relative to that. When I ran the code, none of them appeared. On investigation, the dialog ::resized method contains no code for any of the components relative to the group component. If I change them so they are relative to the parent component - their resizing code appears. I know this was working in the past. Is this a known issue?

Second issue - label colours appear ‘white’ in the projucer, and black when the code runs. I am having to add the colour setting code manually. Again - this appears to be a new issue.

All input welcome

I’m getting this too: the error is that when a component is set to be relative to another, the Projucer puts the setBounds() code in the constructor instead of the resize() function.