Jucer and resized() code headache

Hi there,

Recently I’ve been using the good old Jucer to layout components containing many subcomponents (thus making it easier to do from the jucer than directly from the code).
But once I have my initial layout and I want to make it resize itself gracefully (through resize bars, layout managers or whatever), I get the following problem:
[]Component A contains a resize bar and Component B, both created with the Jucer[/]
[]Jucer generates resized() method for A and B with very precise setBounds()[/]
[]My resize bar changes the size of component B, thus triggering a call to the ComponentA::childBoundsChanged(juce::Component child)[/]
]In childBoundsChanged I rectify the position and size of the resize bar and componentB, this calls resized() of componentB[/]
]The jucer-generated resized() method of componentB fucks up the layout I just rectified in childBoundsChanged.[/*][/list]

To cope with that, I wrote a very small patch to the Jucer to add the global option to generate resized() code or not, at project level. This way in such components I just tell the jucer: “let me do it” :slight_smile:
I don’t know if Jules still updates the Jucer, so I attach it here if anyone is interested.