Projucer on Ubuntu 18.04


Projucer 5.3.2 won’t run on my Ubuntu 18.04 fresh installation ( although the DemoRunner does ) . Should I try recompiling the Projucer , and if I should could anyone give me some indications …

Thanks a lot


Probably a libcurl version problem. Ubuntu 18.04 ships with libcurl4 and I’m guessing the PJ has a hard dependancy to libcurl3.

Building it locally should work.


Yes exactly , thanks a lot .


thanks yes
this worked for me on ubuntu 18.04
$ sudo apt-get install libcurl3
happy jucing folks


That might work but it’s likely to break a lot of compatibility with existing apps linking to the newer libcurl4.

I think the best solution these days (which is what we’ve had to do) is link curl at runtime. This can be done with the JUCE_LOAD_CURL_SYMBOLS_LAZILY macro.


Thanks Dave I was thinking that as I watched the terminal roll back the dependencies.
We will see what the computer serves up next!


I have a strange issue on KUbuntu 18.04. Fress install, installed all dependencies, projucer runes and asks for log in, but then says there is no license available on my account. When I select a personal license, the window refreshes and it loops just like that. The same happens with both the precompiled and locally compiled projucers. Looking forward to hearing your solutions! All the best, Mihai