Projucer settings for an Auv3 that works as a MIDI plugin for Audiobus

Hi, does anyone create these and therefore know the correct Projucer settings? Half the time I can’t get them to appear and if they do I just get “Not Supported” when trying to load them.


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see here.

( short answer - doesn’t look like there’s been much movement on this front )

GarageBand (latest version) recognizes aumf now; we’re about to submit an aumf for review.

Note that your AUv3 must also pass audio cleanly if it is an effect. Otherwise, many hosts won’t load it. Make sure you’ve removed the mono portions of the channel layout so that it is a true stereo insert effect. Then, hosts that are able to route MIDI to and from inserts will be able to instance it and note it as such.

That being said, if you’re making a commercial product that only works in AudioBus, you might as well not bother. For MIDI generators and MIDI-only effects, I would suggest creating them as instruments with MIDI in and out. This will allow most hosts to work with them no matter what their routing.


Found my issue - MIDI in AUv3 needs iOS 11.0 or later which was causing the problems. Maybe Projucer should flag AUv3 that specify MIDI output that are set prior to iOS 11.0.

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This! I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why MIDI wouldn’t work, until setting the Deployment Target to 11.0 fixed it.

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