Projucer VS2019 exporter does not set the c++17 language standard

Projucer VS2019 exporter does not set the selected C++17 language standard for exported MSVC projects, it rather sets the std:c++latest option which now brings in a lot of the (unwanted) preview functionality of C++20 that is causing some compatibility issues. However, selecting C++14 as language standard works as expected.

Thanks, we’ll get that sorted out.

Please leave it as is. We have no idea what compatibility issues OP is talking about. Everything compiles and works fine.

I’ve removed a workaround that was in the MSVC exporter setting the language standard to “latest” if C++17 was selected as previously the C++17 flag wasn’t supported. Now there is proper support for C++17 and selecting “latest” will instead enable the experimental C++20 features. This is the commit in question.


thank you!