Visual Studio 2017 Exporter

Hi Juce Team. Visual Studio 2017 final will be released soon. The release candidate feels already extremely polished and it brings many nice new features (much more powerful code analyzer and profiling for instants). Could you add a Visual Studio 2017 exporter to Projucer? I imagine it is a five minute task as the 2015 one probably just needs to be tweaked a tiny bit.


This post convinces me to jump directly to VS 2017 (from 2012)

msvs 2017 is out since a few days. Everything works for me if I build with the 2015 toolset. However using the new 2017 toolset produces weird errors basically boiling down to “toolset not found” although it is clearly there. A clean install of the new 2017 version does not include the 2015 toolset, but it is available as a custom install option. Of course it would be nice if the 2017 toolset could be used, but something in the JUCE sources seems to prevent that. Maybe we just need a real 2017 solution exporter. Has anyone managed to compile anything JUCE-related with the new toolset? Is anyone at JUCE headquarters looking at the new visual studio?


I’ve updated my projects to the 2017 version and it works fine for me. I did install the old VS2015 toolset as well though.

I too would like a native exporter in Projucer for 2017 though.

Yep, we’ll add a new exporter very soon!


A shortcut to duplicate or/and upgrade a VS exporter (VS2012 -> VS2017) would be great.
(Currently I do this via manipulating the jucer xml-file)


Upgrade Exporter would be great instead of tweaking the Projucer XML manually :slight_smile:

That’s a good FR! Maybe the most useful way to do it would be to make it possible to duplicate an old exporter when creating a new one - it could copy across any parameters that are shared by both types.

( and the possibility to rename exporters would be also great :wink:

Visual Studio 2017 exporter support is now on develop.


In VS2017, setting the C++ Language Standard (e.g. /std:c++latest or /std:c++14) is now available as a standard project option under C/C+±>Language->C++ Language Standard. Can you please add that as an option to Projucer? I guess a many people upgrading to VS2017 do so for the new C++1z features.


Thanks in advance for the support of VS2017.

I made the mistake of not re-installing VS2015 after a system change when I found the RC version of VS2017 is already well done. Note that it is rather natural because besides a improved (but still incomplete) C++14 support, the C++ compiler and IDE of VS2017 is strictly similar to VS2015.

OK This is on develop now.


Hi, is the exporter for visual studio 2017 available now?

Like Fabian said there is an exporter in the “develop“ branch on their github site. I encountered some problems tho like having to reassign the project each time i opened it to the windows 10 sdk. With that i also had some linking errors with the audio plugin from projucer. But since juce 5 comes out today im sure its going to support vs2017

im on visual studio 2017 but i only use windows 8 sdk. i didnt download windows 10 sdk because im not going to need it. but i still get the error.

I’ve just installed VS2017 on mac and latest JUCE. ProJucer -> File -> Open in IDE fails to open my fresh project in it. If Xcode is selected as the exporter it works. Any ideas? I like the idea of never touching Xcode again.

EDIT: I notice the ‘launch’ icon is greyed out for VS2017. Which suggests ProJucer cannot find it. But I can’t see any option for providing the path.

How have you installed VS2017 on OS-X anyway? It’s not a Mac application.


Doesn’t look like that’s the same product as Visual Studio on Windows.