Visual Studio 2012 Exporter?

Hi Jules,

Would like to request the VS2012 exporter for the Introjucer. It seems VS2012 supports creating executables and dlls for XP now from the looks of it?

[attachment=0]Platform Toolsets.png[/attachment]

Looking at the project’s XML, the only real difference I see is the platform toolset needing to be changed when updating a project from VS2010 to VS2012.

It can be: “v110” or “v110_xp” in the XML data. (VS2010 shows “Windows7.1SDK”, as you’ve set in the exporter)

Not only from the looks :slight_smile:
Still too bad the VS11 itself does not work on XP :frowning:

Btw, I’d rcommend VS11 Update 1 probably for everyone, the compiler benefitted greatly and C++11-completeness is only so far away now.

Maybe it’s not the right place to ask, but since we are talking about VS2012… is it capable of building RTAS plug-ins? has anyone succeeded with that?

Hi everyone,

I’ve implemented the VS2012 exporter in my JUCE fork (see my signature). Try it out and let me know if you’ve any troubles with it (code improvements welcome! My design may be a bit sketchy).

Hey Jules,

Just tested this, it’s right afaict. Here are the diffs:

Introjucer/Source/Project Saving/jucer_ProjectExport_MSVC.h

Cool. I’ll take a look asap.

Annoyingly, my last attempt to install VC2012 turned into a total omnishambles where it got so screwed up that it was unlaunchable, even after re-installing. I’ll try again when I get a new Windows 8 machine.

Alright, thanks!

You must’ve accidentally ran into a secret feature or easter egg. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the hilarious “fuck up the registry so badly that it won’t even launch” easter egg!

Just saw the implementation of this (and other things I mentioned) make its way into the code; thanks Jules!

No, thank you for kicking off the process!

Hey Jules, mind adding the VS2012 project to the projects bundled in the extras folder?

Just a quick note for those using VS2012; the v110_xp platform toolset only comes with the latest VS2012 update! Get it here

Following this, do you guys are able to build plugins with it, especially RTAS one ?
I’m thinking about migrating from VC 2005 to 2012 and was wondering if everything will work right outside of the box.

Thanks !