Latest Introjucer broken in VS2012

The AndroidStudio exporter is really making the compiler barf.

For one: variadic templates aren't supported in VS2012 and below.

Yeah, we've started using more modern C++11 stuff in the introjucer now. You probably want to move up to VS2013.

Seeing that I've to use the PS4 and XboxOne compilers for daytime work purposes - which are limited to VS2012 - in parallel with JUCE projects, that's not feasible.

I guess I could install VS2013 Express, but just for running the Introjucer seems like a waste of space.

OK, fair enough, I have added a workaround so that Introjucer should compile on VS 2012 again for now. Please update to the newest tip.

Please note that this is temporary and we will drop support for compilers older than VS 2013 at some point in the future!