Projucer / Xcode 7 suddenly resulted in the old au rez error

Hi Juce Team, 


Seems really odd to me but I seem to be suddenly getting the old au rez error since having upgraded to Xcode 7. 

I'm using the Projucer on an indie license. I understand that the Core Audio/Audio Unit classes are now bundled/included in JUCE so I shouldn't be worrying about patching/setting up the audio unit files anymore. 

Any ideas why I might suddenly be getting this old error again ? Haven't seen it for some time and thought this was all solved. 

I can locate the Core Audio SDK and relevant files when navigating through my modules folder. 






I also have the same error when I compile for a iOS project. It is a plugin and Is a Synth is selected. 

What kind of plugin are you expected to get running on iOS..?

We are working on iOS AU support, but it's not released yet.

Seems to resolve the issues if I copy all modules locally to the project....some sort of path issue. 

I'm expected AU plugin to get running on iOS.

If JUCE doesn't support AU for iOS yet I think we shouldn't be able to add XCode (iOS) exporter in introjucer for a plugin project. 

Do you have an estimation for AU support for iOS?


Hey team, 


Ignore this one. 

I moved my modules folder to a different directory and the paths are resolving....Xcode didn't seem to be able to resolve the path I've always used previously. Bizzare. 


Anyway not a JUCE issue. Cheers

For iOS you'd need an AudioUnit 3 plug-in, which is something that JUCE doesn't support. We are working on it now. I can't promise any release dates here, since there are a few technical obstacles to overcome, but if all goes well we might have something in a couple weeks.

Thank you for the answer and the estimation. It helps us to choose the right starting point for a new project.