PropertyPanel section minus/plus button missing

Juce 1.5
Mac OSX 10.6.2

Step to reproduce:
download jucer from the download page and run. Create a subcomponent and you will see a property panel on the right side.

Expected Result:
There should be a collapse button to the left of each section name.


Hi Jules,
Since you would be looking into the above issue. I have got couple of task on my wish list which you can consider :smiley:

Firstly, I think both Juce Demo and Jucer needs a resizer both have a resizable window :D .

Secondly, Juce Demo would be better server if this 
 bool moreThanOneInstanceAllowed()
     return false;

is changed to.

bool moreThanOneInstanceAllowed()
     return true;

This is will make it easier to test Interprocesss communication.

Yes indeed - thanks for spotting that one, I’ll get it fixed!