Version 1.42

Ok, finally managed to get another version out there! Nothing earth-shattering in here, but lots of bugfixes and small things that have been discussed on the forum over the last month.

Some of the changes (not all, as there were lots of other minor ones I didn’t note down) are:

* jucer: fix for crash when trying to add items to a button
* optimisation for UndoManager when there's a lot of items
* added multiple file selection as an option for the FileChooser (using native dialogs, not yet juce file browsers)
* added some colour IDs for rotary slider colours
* new method: PopupMenu::addSectionHeader()
* tweaked the way that options are passed to the PropertiesFile constructor, and added an option to save the file as XML.
* new method: Slider::setSkewFactorFromMidPoint()
* jucer: added an option to specify a virtual parent class for components, so that you can edit a component of your own class using a built-in type (e.g. edit your own slider subclass using the slider class). Thanks to kraken for this idea.
* plugins: added support for current-program-only settings to be saved for VSTs
* changes to the way events are dispatched on the mac, to make use of mouse-tracking. This was necessary to avoid problems embedding HIViews in juce windows, and hopefully shouldn't cause any problems anywhere else in the code
* altered the way Files are stored internally to avoid ambiguity between "/" (on mac/linux) and File::nonexistent. Previously all files were stored without a trailing slash, but now in the case of the root dir, the slash is kept.

Have fun!

gr8 one !
it has a lot of little fixes that will make it superb :slight_smile:

thanx for letting in the changes over linux windowing code !

just a little request… could you introduce the JUCE_ALSA define, that practically works as the JUCE_ASIO for windows (thus not linking with any libalsa calls and providing a DummyDeviceType when you like to build a linux plugin) ? should be easy :slight_smile:


Cheers kraken, and no probs adding that macro.

I upgraded with only changing 7 lines of code in my app, which is nice. However my changes to MacWindowing.cpp that allowed both hiview and composited windows is going to need a bit of work. :frowning:

  • added some colour IDs for rotary slider colours

I think still isn’t working with Jucer. At least on the intel mac.

Hmm. I’d offer to help integrate this myself if I had time at the moment. Is it really such a big job?

[quote]* added some colour IDs for rotary slider colours

I think still isn’t working with Jucer. At least on the intel mac.

sorry, Ben - I added them to the component but forgot to register them in the jucer’s code. You’d just need to add a couple of lines to jucer_SliderHandler.h:

registerColour (Slider::backgroundColourId, "background", "bkgcol"); registerColour (Slider::thumbColourId, "thumb", "thumbcol"); registerColour (Slider::trackColourId, "track", "trackcol"); registerColour (Slider::rotarySliderFillColourId, "rotary fill", "rotarysliderfill"); registerColour (Slider::rotarySliderOutlineColourId, "rotary outln", "rotaryslideroutline"); registerColour (Slider::textBoxTextColourId, "textbox text", "textboxtext"); registerColour (Slider::textBoxBackgroundColourId, "textbox bkgd", "textboxbkgd"); registerColour (Slider::textBoxHighlightColourId, "textbox highlt", "textboxhighlight"); registerColour (Slider::textBoxOutlineColourId, "textbox outln", "textboxoutline");

No, I got it done. It was having a hard time merging your changes with my changes. In the end I found it easier to just overwrite my changes and then redo them.

I thought hiview support was required for vst 2.4, I’m not sure why some plugins still don’t support it.

If you want to send me what you’ve got, I could look into adding it to the main build?


thanks for this update.

Especially the virtual class in the Jucer but also the preset/Bank distinction in the Juce Audio Plugin.

BTW I’m asking again for subversion so that I could just svn update and keep my local (minor) adaptations (mostly Juce_Config.h and the XCode projects settings).

Hi, did you included flac and ogg code in dev-c++ project?

It’s enabled in juce_config.h…

EDIT: Deleted some junk…


Nah, couldn’t get it to build under dev-cpp for some reason, so I turned it off. Haven’t had chance to look at why it was failing yet.