Version 1.43

Ok, it’s that time again.

Couple of neat new features in this one, plenty of bugfixes, and a bit of tidying up.

Some of the changes will unfortunately require some minor tweaks to your code, but it’s all for a good cause. Here are the changes:

* I've done a bit of tidying up of the juce tree, moving things like the demo, the jucer, etc into a folder called "extras", and this also now includes the audio plugin code and BinaryBuilder, rather than having those available as separate downloads.
* native menu bar support for the Mac! See MenuBarModel::setMacMainMenu().
* a few changes to the MenuBarModel class and MenuBarComponent - the model object now has listeners, and when a menu changes, you should call MenuBarModel::menuItemsChanged() rather than calling the old equivalent method on the bar component. Also, the MenuBarModel virtual methods have changed slightly and no longer have a menu bar component as one of their parameters. One other related change is that DocumentWindow::setMenuBar() no longer takes a command manager - you should register the command manager directly using MenuBarModel::setApplicationCommandManagerToWatch
* horizontal mouse-wheel support - this involves a change to the Component::mouseWheelMove method, to add an extra parameter. If you've got existing code that uses the old form of this method, it should fail to compile with an error, and you just need to tweak it to add the new parameter
* sorted out some problems with the jucer's colour swatch menus
* fixes for AudioDeviceManager forgetting channel selection
* added a textCharacter member to the KeyPress class - this allows a unicode printing character to be stored separately from the keycode.
* added support for extra numeric keypad keys like add, subtract etc, and F13-F16
* added a radio group ID field to buttons in the jucer
* renamed TaskbarIconComponent as SystemTrayIconComponent to make it more obvious what it does, and added support for tray icons on linux (thanks to kraken for the code for that one)
* new class: ChannelRemappingAudioSource, which lets you take a source and remap its input and output channels.
* some tweaks to the Time functions on win32 to make them slightly more efficient
* new method: Slider::setIncDecButtonsDraggable(), which adds a hybrid click/drag mode to the inc/dec button slider
* added some linux-specific methods for creating new midi in/out devices (ta to kraken)

THANKS Jules!!

wonderfull upgrade for OSX users, thanks a lot !

Did velocity mode on sliders change somewhere in the last few versions? I’m getting complaints from users that the behavior is unpredictable, but I haven’t seen anything myself.

I think there was some issue on the mac, to do with mouse location, which I fixed in the last version. Don’t think I’ve changed anything else though.

Hi Julian.
Sad, I’ve thought you would consider a piece of source code to set up a taskbar button icon and a window title icon before the JUCE release. The source code that I’d submitted here at the Linux thread.

Anyway, thanks for the bug fixes, new featurees and for setting up JUCE on SourceForge.

Yeah, sorry - so many things to do, so little time! I’ll do it as soon as I can!

…ok, I thought I’d just throw that feature in quickly as you’d sent me the code, so I’ve checked some changes adding a setIcon method to the componentpeer, but then when I started doing the linux version I realised you never wrote the stuff to create the pixmaps! I’ve left it unfinished because I’ve no time to do that now, but if you want to have a go at finishing it, let me know what you come up with.

The team I work for is finishing an application that started being developed using juce 1.43.

Since we need some of the changes applied later on to the SVN repository, we are now considering whether it is better for us to backport them into our local version of juce or wait for the 1.44 to be released and then rebuild our code.

Is 1.44 planned for being released soon? How stable do you think the current SVN code to be? (we are even thinking about checking-out a snapshot of the repository and start from there)

Are there any 1.43 starting point files?
or any VS Express 2005 project templates?

More or less the same as previous versions - (e.g. Audio stuff’s moved to a new directory)

Install VS C++ 2005 - Build a simple test app to prove it’s working

Download Juce, and uncompress to folder

Go to the …/juce/build/win32/vc8/Juce.sln
{you might have to adjust a few things / add some libraries/includes paths}
Build :slight_smile:

Thanks Dub, but I already have it installed and working.

For any earlier versin there were some starting point files that made it easy to start a new JUCE project, and I was wondering it there were any new ones.
Also There were some VC Epress template project files, although they never worked as well as they could have.

Ah, those… I misunderstood
(There’re some example projects under extras/)