PropertyPanel stuff

I’m not actually using the PropertyPanel (instead my own, similar but different). I’ve tried looking thru the Jucer source but it’s very difficult to find what i’m looking for, as i don’t really get what each file is for.

Basically, i want to see what the ‘recommended’ way of getting a property panel to display for a given component, where that component is like this:


  • block component 1
  • block component 2
  • block component 3

These block components are similar to the jucer’s arrangement of user components on a layout pad. I want to be able to click a component and have it’s own property editor appear in the property panel.

There is no direct link to the panel from the block components, so i could get it to notify its layer that it has been selected, then the layer could pass a pointer to the selected block to the property panel to have it display the correct editor. Is this roughly what you’d expect to do, or does the jucer do something even more clever?

In the jucer it uses a SelectedItemSet to keep track of what’s selected - then the properties panel registers as a changelistener with the set, so that it can update itself when things get selected/deselected.