Proposed change to AudioCDReader up on swirly-juce has it: here’s the diff!

To summarize, I “pulled up” Array<int> trackStartSamples; from the Mac implementation to “every platform”. I then make that the authoritative place to get both the track number of tracks and the length of each track, and make sure to feed it correctly from the Mac.

Most of the new code is for the Mac, in the two _helper files - I’m parsing the .TOC.plist file to get the information.

There are unit tests that requires Google’s gtest but are more there just as a “proof it does something reasonable”. URG, I should add that I haven’t even compiled the PC code - I could arrange for this to be done if needs be but I am personally not set up to do this. I am willing to take bets on whether it will compile and work first time… :smiley: Here’s the diff for that specific Windows-only file that was touched.

One of the nice things about JUCE is that it’s single-owner - so my intention for the workflow is to basically throw it over the wall to Jules, see what he does with it, and let him keep it, rather than maintain some sort of ownership over it, get it reviewed and crap like that. :smiley:

Nice one Tom, I’ll check that out asap!..

This code is now completed and in JUCE! Thanks to Jules for fast response and fix when I chucked the code over the fence to him…