ProTools don't want recognize my VST/VST3 plugins

I have a several plugins format created by JUCE. But under MAC (under Windows I not experienced) ProTools don’t want recognize my VST/VST3 plugins, but other DAW (for example iZotope,Reaper,…) success recognize my plugins. Also ProTools success recognize other VST plugins, for example Valhalla Room.
What i should do for ProTools to recognize my plugins?

Pro Tools does not support VST plugins. Those other plugins must have been installed also as AAX plugins which Pro Tools does support.

ProTools use their own SDK to develop plugins, called AAX Avid Audio Xtension (I believe). You will have to get in touch with AVID to get registered as 3rd party developer.

EDIT: after that you can still use JUCE with no modification…


daniel, I register in Avid and download AAX SDK. I add AAX SDK to my JUCE audio plugin project, and build now I have aax plugin yet under Windows. This is not enough for my AAX plugin was success recognized by ProTools?

You may also need a special developer version of Pro Tools installed in order to test and debug your plugins. To distribute your plugins to users, you may need to digitally sign your plugin binaries.

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You need also to sign the plugins using a dongle called PACE iLok. Search the forum for these keywords.
This secures your plugin from being cracked. You cannot opt out, ProTools will not run unsigned Plug-ins.
If you get the development build from Avid, that will run your plugin. Get in touch with Avid, you need to get a license for the dev build as well…

Addition: all details around that procedure fall eventually under a NDA that all 3rd party developers signed, that’s why the reasonable ones are reluctant to go into too much details.

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Xenakios, daniel, Great thanks for information.