Proxy support in URL class

From what i was able to find i JUCE code, both max/linux and win32 support PROXY in URL class. In mac/linux by environment variables and in win32 via registry (PRE_CONFIG_INTERNET_ACCESS this flag makes the Internet* calls look for proxies defined in registry, witch is set up by IE from what i remember). Is this correct (i mean did i understood the code ok), and is proxy authorization planned ?

oh yeah it would be nice to add an interface for headers, at this moment you can’t change enctype (i’d like URL to be able to send files, and/or large amounts of data) ttp:// so i’d need to change that part, it would be nice to be able to change the headers sent when doing requests.

I’ll note all this stuff down, but need to do some homework before I implement it, as I’m no network expert!

Jules, this was something I mentioned to you in PM as well. I know it’s a not a “minor” feature request so I understand the hesitation. I’ve been having a look at a Windows API called WinINet which is referenced on MSDN here. Hope it helps.