Public beta invitation: vielklang instant harmony 2

We are still looking for musicians and developers to give us some feedback on our upcoming harmonization and pitch correction plugin - vielklang instant harmony 2 (made with juce, of course!)

Here’s a couple of screenshots - a bit out of date, but still good enough to give you an idea what the plugin is about-

If you want to participate in the public beta, you just need to create an account at our website. Then you can find the download links in the protected “public beta vielklang 2.0” forum.

The plugin will run in demo mode first. To unlock all features, you can get a beta license by “liking” us on facebook. The a serial number and unlock key will then appear on this page. (if you don’t like this facebook thing, you can also send me a pm!)

We’d really appreciate if you have a few minutes to play around with it, hopfully find some bugs and quirks before others do and give us your honest feedback in our forum!

Gruß aus Berlin,