Publishing of Juce Libraries

Hello reader,

Before I continue asking my question, please let me elaborate first;

For personal reasons I've been working on a cross-platform network communication server application. Juce is a nice library and is a good base for it as well. Juce may be downloaded and used privately as far as I am known with the license.

Althrough the server was a lot of work to write, test and document, I wish to make it an open source application available on github.
I am using only a few of the core libraries of Juce and all rights and files related to those are all original.

Does the juce library permit publishing some of its files on github in a public repository under an MIT license (with referral to the license/page of juce?)

It would greatly reduce the difficulty of compiling the project for yourself; The builds are dependent on the Introjucer application otherwise.

Obviously I am asking all this before publishing anything in regards of licenses and respect!

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Does the juce library permit publishing some of its files on github in a public repository under an MIT license (with referral to the license/page of juce?)

Do you mean you want to publish some juce files under an MIT license? Obviously not, we can't allow anyone to re-publish our code under any other license than the one we gave it!

You can of course redistribute our source code under its original GPL license. And the juce_core module uses a more permissive ISC license. And your own accompanying code can be under any license you like! But your users would have to avoid breaking any of these licenses when they use it.

Hope your app is a success! Keep us posted, as we'd be interested in hearing about more server-side work that people are doing with juce - it makes a change from the more common audio/GUI projects that we see!

Thanks for responding!

I wasn't sure at first about how to deal with the licenses your team had put for the juce libraries.
It seems to me that it might be smart to publish the server code under the same license to avoid confusing the possible users.

Since you explicitly asked about keeping you posted about this project, I'll do some special effort to keep you posted!

I am familiar with the benchmarking results of traditional server-side communication server systems dedicated on windows.
When the project reaches beta stage, I plan to subjugate this project to the same bench marking tests.

So far, my initial benchmarks on Windows 7 Visual Studio 2013 (C++ 11) compiler, have shown no detectable difference compared to using Juce framework except for file size (Where the initial size differs 8 MB with the biggest size using Juce framework). These tests were based on how fast objects could process data by network socket (TCP) using Juce classes or custom classes with commonly used design models.

In any case, I plan to do benchmarking for this project after I've published it online.
When this happens I'll be posting the link here if you'll allow me to do so.
I hope by then it will still spark your interest!