Pybind11, how to load in projucer

Hi, I download Pybind11 from github and I’d like to use it with juce, but how can I add it?
Up to now I’m leaving the pybind11 folder on mac download and so I added in projucer:



under the “Framework search path” and:


under “Extra custom frameworks”

But xcode doesn’t find “#include </pybind11/embed.h>”

where I’m wrong?

Under suggestions I included the string containing the pybind11 “include” path to my global “header search path” (not included python framework in “Extra Custom Frameworks”) and wrote in my “MainComponent” #include <pybind11/embed.h> it compiles.

To make a check and ensure that it works I wrote the following code before the MainComponent class:

namespace py = pybind11;

int add(int i, int j) { return i + j; }

PYBIND11_MODULE(MainComponent, m)
    m.doc() = "MainComponent";
    m.def("add", &add, "a function that add two numbers");

but now a warning stop me saying 'Python.h' file not found (warinigs referring line 209 with code 'Python.h' file not found in common.h, a header contained in detail folder of pybind11/include)… nightmare… :pensive: I don’t want to bother you really, but these problems are too difficult for my skills to solve :pray:t2:


try to add extraCompilerFlags="-I/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/include/python3.9"
also don’t forget to add the linker flags:
extraLinkerFlags="-L/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/lib/python3.9/config-3.9-darwin -lpython3.9 -ldl -framework CoreFoundation" change it for your macOS version

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Wow… I don’t know how to thank you! but there’s some place or doc that could explain me your suggestion? “For me it’s a kind of magic” :see_no_evil:

One Last thing I’ll no bother you again promised: I tested it calling this code inside my MainComponent constructor:

py::scoped_interpreter guard{};
py::module math = py::module::import("math");
py::object result = math.attr("sqrt")(25);
std::cout << "Sqrt of 25 is: " << result.cast<float>() << std::endl;
py::module example = py::module::import("SourceCode");

…and wow It works, but in my app I can call only python modules or there’s some way to make a dialogue between c++ files and py files? for example I write this code in my MainComponent.cpp:

int add(int i, int j) { return i + j; }

PYBIND11_MODULE(example, m)
    m.doc() = "pybind11 example plugin";

    m.def("add", &add, "A function which adds two numbers");

and I created in my source folder a file called “” and in this one I wrote:

import example


then, again inside MainComponent constructor I add this code:

    py::module example = py::module::import("SourceCode");

But now app crashes and in terminal I have this message: libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type pybind11::error_already_set: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘SourceCode’
terminating with uncaught exception of type pybind11::error_already_set: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'SourceCode’

Really thank you in advance, I was losing my hopes in achieve this :pray:

I just know the project where that works GitHub - BespokeSynth/BespokeSynth: Software modular synth

it moved from Projucer to CMake, so I got .jucer from the old source:

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