Question about JUCE Visual Studio project and x64 architectu

If I am not wrong, the JUCE project for Visual Studio does not have the x64 architecture as a possible target.
I think it would be useful to add it, 64 bit systems are getting quite common, what do you think?

You can easily turn it on if you want to do a 64-bit build, can’t you?

yes sure, was thinking about the opportunity for you to deploy an “official” x64 configuration together with the Win32 one

The new jucer will be able to auto-generate build projects with any settings that you need, so there’s no point in me messing about with them before that’s ready.

(Jucer progress update: today I got to the point where the new jucer is now generating its own XCode project, in a nicely self-referential way!)


I’d like to primarily do 64-bit builds. I was a bit confused by your answer above. Do you know – at the source code level – if the current source can be targeted to 64-bit builds (on VS2008)?

If so, I could just create a new configuration in VS2008 but then any save from Jucer 3 would lose that configuration, correct? So I’d have to choose between continued use of Jucer 3 or 64-bit?

And separate more complicated question: same thing for GCC (Xcode/Linux) builds (where a long is 64-bit)? Is the source 64-bit clean/ready?

I think my brain just stack-overflowed.

The code is 64-bit clean, of course - it has been for years. I’ve not yet added the option for a VS 64-bit build, but it’s just a flag that needs flipping, and I’ll do that soon.