Compiling both 32 and 64bit together with Visual Studio

Sorry for the probably stupid question but I can't figure this out. When I create a plugin with Introjucer in the XCode release configuration I can select Universal Binary (32/64-bit) but with Visual Studio 2012 I can only select 32 or 64bit. So, everytime I have to manually create a new configuration for the 64-bit and manually build the project 2 times.

Is it possible to make a 32/64-bit configuration for Visual Studio as well?

Have you tried creating as second  Vis Studio project in Jucer (change the second version's Target Project Folder), and confgure the platform toolset for each? (I don't used 64-bit dev, so I'm not sure if this is how you'd do this)

Ive never seen a direct way of doing this…

You could run a script as part of the build process which compiles the x64 version of your solution or project (if youre working with the 32bit version).

Right-click Config in the left panel, select the top-most prject entry (project name), right-click to add Visual Studio 2013 (whatever) project...