Building Projucer for 32 bit?

Hello everone,

I want to use the Projucer. But since I have a 32 bit system, the version of the Projucer which is directly in the JUCE folder, doesn’t work. Now I wanted to compile it by myself with Visual Studio 2017 for my 32 bit system. I followed this steps to compile it. The problem is: Even if I have Win32 as the active platform, it still compiles a 64 bit version:projucer%2064%20bit
Does somebody know, what the reason could be and what I have to do to sucessfully build Projucer for 32 bit?

Do you know Visual Studio and what you must do build a new configuration? I cost me 30 seconds to do this and build a runnable 32bit version. Use the configuration manager from project to add a new 32bit version and copy all things from the 64bit version. The configuration manager is activated with when you click on right side from X64 panel.


Ah, ok, I found the problem.In the Configuration Manager I had also to add a new platform configuration on Projucer_App and uncheck “create new solution platforms”: