[Feature Request] Introjucer, Visual Studio and 64 bits

Hello again guys !

I have another feature request for the Introjucer. On Windows with Visual Studio 2008, I usually have to compile my software into two distinct files, one for Windows XP in 32 bits, and one in 64 bits. So, each time I create a new project, I must go to the configuration manager of Visual Studio, and create the other configuration, change by hand a few things such as the name of the output files, the preprocessor defines etc. Moreover, when I use the Introjucer to update the project, it removes all the 64 bits configuration stuff I did...

I would like to know if it would be possible to make the Introjucer do all this stuff automatically too.

I have seen that you can specify Win32 or x64 for VS2015, but I'd like that to be possible on Visual Studio 2008 (and later) too, and if possible with a project containing both configurations available.

Thanks in advance !


+1 :-)

I think we are still a lot using VS2008 for any reason, being able to setup x64 settings from Introjucer would be really valuable.


+1, This is very high on our wish list!


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Maybe I don't understand the original problem, but the introjucer lets you create as many configurations as you like in a project, and these can be either 32- or 64-bit.

For example in most of the projects I work on myself, we tend to have 4 configs for Visual Studio: debug-32, release-32, debug-64 and release-64. So you can build any of these by just swapping the active config, or can use a build script to run them all without changing any project settings.

In Visual Studio 2008, there are two combo boxes that allow you to choose a configuration (Debug / Release) and the platform (32 bits, x64). What we usually do is to stay with the two configurations models, and switch between the two platforms. Indeed, it might possible to Debug / Release / Debug 64 / Release 64, so you answered the first half of my question.

The second half is about the fact that there is no option in the Introjucer to choose between 32bits and x64 for Visual Studio 2008 projects. This option is available for the last Visual Studio but not this one. So, would it be possible to update the Introjucer code for VS2008 as well ?

Thanks in advance ;)

Does VS2008 actually support 64-bit? I'd be happy to add this but no longer actually have a copy of VS2008 to test with - if someone can let me know a change to Introjucer that works, I'll add it!

You are right Jules, it is possible to use two different configurations called "Debug-32" and "Debug-64". However, the way you usually do this in other VS projects is a bit different. You usually keep two different platform configurations for the same solution configuration. This is done via the configuration manager window in VS.

You can see (at least in the latest version of VS) that you have a platform combobox right next to the solution configuration combobox. Here you usually set up one Win32 platform and one x64 platform for the same configuration. However, when you create two different solution configurations in Introjucer, say "Debug-32" and "Debug-64", these are both still listed as "Win32" platform in VS. Therefore it still feels a little bit like a workaround rather than a correct way of handling this.

But again, you're right that it is actually possible, which I didn't realize until now. All my previous experiments used the same name ("Debug" for both the 32bit and 64bit versions). This does NOT work well. 

In my opinion, at least some of the example projects should include both 32bit and 64bit configurations, as a template for how you achieve this.

Yes, VS2008 support 64-bits, and it would be great to have it on the IntroJucer !

I’m just hitting this now…needing to simplify outputting 4 Windows versions: 32 & 64 bit, debug & release. And yes, Projucer seems to blow away any previous configurations for VS2015. @IvanC, how did you resolve this?


I have just created 4 configurations in the Projucer for each combination of 32/64 Debug/Release. In VS2015, when you change the config, you need to select manually one of these configs and to change also from 32 to 64 or the contrary.

Thank you.

I made 32 & 64 bit configurations, and seeing as though I develop on the Mac and rarely fire up VS, I spent some time and made a batch file to automate the builds. Wow, was that time well spent. Made a shell script for the Mac as well. Can’t believe I never did that before.

But seriously, the syntax differences between Unix for xcodebuild and Windows made me a little nutty. It just seems like MS decided many years ago, “let’s make it just like Unix, but change a bunch of characters”.