64bit / 32bit targets in the Introjucer


I didn’t find it in the forum, I want to have one project that has a Debug-32 and Debug-64 configurations.

Can I do that with the Introjucer? from what I see the linker and the compiler flags can only be set from the target level and not from the configuration level.


Yes, you can do that in the configs, I’ve got several projects set up like that.

Thanks Jules, it took me a while to find it :slight_smile:

After gazing for a few minutes at the external library search path / preprocessor definitions / pre-build / post-build options

I discovered that there’s no such option in the Visual Studio 2008 target and that I should move to the 2010 target.

This Introjucer is AWESOME!

Just found out that I can also have 64/32 configurations in a single MSVC configuration (just use the same configuration name with the 32/64 combo changed).


I'm running Visual Studio 2010 Express and don't see an obvious way to make 64bit targets using the Introjucer. I thought that there might be an "Architecture" choice like there is in the XCode exporter but there isn't one for VS 2010. 

Could someone please give me baby steps for creating an 64 bit project using the Visual Studio 2010  exporter?



It's there (at least in recent versions). There's more stuff on the VS screens than for XCode, maybe you just need to scroll down a bit.

D'uh! I didn't notice the scroll bar.  I wish I could have blamed it on lack of sleep by I can't.  :) 

Thank you very much!