Question for the AppCode enthusiasts

After struggling one more time with Xcode code completion, I’ve decided to give AppCode a go.

With a very simple existing project previously generated with Projucer, I’m getting lots of these error reports about string literals not being valid where a StringRef argument is expected.

Despite such reported errors, the project builds and runs fine as it did in Xcode, but working with all these false positives sprinkled around kinda kills the purpose of switching IDE for a better experience.

Is anyone else seeing this?
Should I change some configuration?

Everyday AppCode user here!

Indeed, I’m getting this juce::StringRef error since I started with AppCode. But besides from a few exotic super complicated sfinae constructs obviously not being recognized correctly, these are the only false positives I know with this IDE, which is quite acceptable compared with the massive amount on good remarks, great auto formatting options and blazing fast autocompletion this IDE has in contrast to Xcode.

Still, if anyone knows a configuration to tweak for that, I’m happy to learn about it :slight_smile:

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I’m totally with you (happy cake-day by the way!) when it comes to praising JetBrains for the usability of their IDEs.
I’m a happy user of PyCharm since years and it’s suprisingly well thought: when you need something, it’s just there, that’s why I was eager to test AppCode.
I’ll try to live with it for some time and see…
Perhaps @timur could have some more insight re. configuration and what strings to pull (puns semi-intended :grin:) as IIRC he did work for JetBrains in the past

While on the subject of JetBrains for JUCE dev, CLion has worked fine for me in JUCE projects for around 3 years (using the projucer only as a project generation tool, with the cmake exporter). I usually touch the projucer exactly once, when starting a new project.

All that said I’ve switched to vscode on linux fulltime (using cmake + ninja for c/c++), except when debugging requires I boot Windows or MacOS. It’s faster and sucks less.

Thanks @holy-city, unfortunately CLion is not an option at the moment because switching all company projects to CMake is not feasible anytime soon

@yfede could you please open a ticket here and then post a link to that ticket here?


Thanks @timur, I was just doing that :smiley:

Here it is:

From what I’ve read, number of upvotes influences the priority given, thus everyone hit that thumb up button there if interested.