How many are using CLion/AppCode on OSX for current commercial OSX/iOS projects?

Out of curiosity - how many here are now using CLion on OSX - daily “in anger” for current serious commercial JUCE based OSX/iOS projects?

I haven’t tried CLion yet (waiting for better Projucer support), but I’ve been using AppCode (which uses CLion internally for C/C++) on macOS for a few years now, for serious commercial JUCE stuff, and I absolutely love it.

Hey! How did you resolve all the “red code” and false errors in AppCode?
I’ve had a really hard time with it in JUCE.

For the time being i’m sticking with Xcode - now that Xcode 9 finally has refactoring for C++.

But asides refactoring features what other major reasons would one have for still switching to AppCode ?

Couple of big ones for me:

  • Method stub generation for inherited / virtual methods
  • Excellent VIM emulator (XVim stopped working with Xcode 8)

Also lots of little helper functions to e.g. auto-generate curly braces etc