Xcode auto-completion?

Anyone know how to get Xcode 11.5 auto-completion working again? I don’t even remember the last time it worked. Oy.

11.5 is working for me on non-JUCE and to some degree on JUCE projects, though it’s def more sluggish and unpredictable what sorts of things will complete, and seems more sensitive to bailing out due to (temporary) errors.

I’m not a big fan of the resulting inconsistent/unpredictable visual feedback so I disabled it and am seeing how it feels to use ESC to trigger manually when needed. Also wish there was a setting so that “show live issues” only happened on file save…

XCode auto completion is unusable since Version 10 for me, i think it was actually okay in 9. I switched to Visual Studio Community with Visual Assist, a huge productivity boost. I’m only using XCode for mac-specific bug-fixing and it’s a painful experience every time.

Ok…you got my curiosity up. Are you talking about Visual Studio Code on a Mac? Can you give me some some details about how that works?

no windows

I moved to AppCode as an alternative to Xcode quite a while ago. Here auto completion works great and snappy and you can still work on your Xcode projects


Same here. I use AppCode most of the time and occasionally Xcode for project settings. It also has great VIM emulation :slight_smile:
As well as loads of other useful tools common to JetBrains IDEs.

May I ask you AppCode guys…what’s the biggest hurdle in going to AppCode? What would I hate about it?

Not much to hate IMO… different layout than Xcode (I prefer it), project settings are much harder to navigate than Xcode (use Xcode instead), and you have to wait for it to index the symbols each time you resave your project in Projucer.

Download a trial and try it out?

One thing I noticed recently is for some reason it won’t launch apps on the iOS Simulator any more. So I use Xcode for that. Launching on a device works fine.

Sometimes re-saving a project in the Projucer while the project is opened in AppCode leads to error messages or build fails. Re-opening the project always solves this. So I always tend to close AppCode before re-saving the project. And as @adamski said, some project settings are easier to find in Xcode. However, you can mix both IDEs as you want, you can even open the project in Xcode from within appcode. And as these two issues are mainly configuration-related and therefore dont happen very often this is ok for me.

It seems auto-completion is still broken with JUCE in Xcode 11.6 (or it is just me that can not find how to switch it on). Does it work for you? I try to know the inferred type of the auto keyword without success.

EDIT: Ok, for the last point i could use option-click.

Same here, never worked for me since 10 so basically unusable. You could use Visual Studio Code, there’s an addon called XCodeBuild Tools that allows you to compile things in VSC using the XCode engine, but having all the Intellisense autocompletion and good stuff from VSC.
I remember it was quite tricky to get it working, but maybe now with CMake it’s easier?

It works now here (Xcode 11.6) (i just found the place where i switched it off (oops, i don’t use is it usually)). But it doesn’t help me a lot since it appears that there is no super easy way to see the type inferred for auto keyword in Xcode ; what i was looking for at first.

fwiw completion magically started working for me with one of the xcode 12 betas