Questions: menu color and font size

Hi all.

1, how to set the background color of the menu bar and how to set menu text size?

2, by default, all the interface text (font) is too big, how to reduce and control the font size of all text?

3, how to cancel the text’s anti-aliasing effects and let them more clearly? I still do not know how to do.

If give me some sample code, it would be very great. My programming such as my English, they are poor. high-level discussions I did not understand, more I see, more confused. :cry: I only can understanding at some simple code, and then struggling to research and testing, and memorization by hard…

Thanks very much!

Read the documentation, and search the forum. These questions have been asked 100s of times at least.

The size of the menu bar,OK了!

setMenuBar (contentComp, 15);

font size of menu items, continue to grope

? ?
My post previous, was deleted?

font size of Menu item, has ok! Rewrite this function of LookAndFeel class…


Subclass can override the parent class function, really good!
Before this, I only know that subclasses must override the pure virtual function of the parent class!

Sweating …

Now know, so excited!