What’s the way to control how text is rendered especially the antialiasing.

I’m trying to replicate an interface which was done using 9px font sizes and with the same typeface the results is heavily blurred.

Photoshop provides no antialising, strong, smooth. What’s the way to achieve that with Juce?

In many cases switching off anti-aliasing below 10/12px brings more lisibility.

there isn’t this possibility in juce. i’ve asked that long time ago, and done a bit of research.
if you take some fonts which looks good only with a fixed size (silkscreen, proggytiny) you should give them the correct size (btw in juce could be a float and not an integer): if you find the correct one then there is no antialias at all, but not for other size.

for example proggytiny looks good at 12 (if you select that in a text editor font selector), but in juce it looks weird until you place a 10.0f size:

	MemoryInputStream fontStream (Resource::proggytiny,Resource::proggytiny_size, false);
	Typeface* typeFace = new Typeface (fontStream);
	editorFont = new Font (*typeFace);
	editorFont->setHeight (10.0f); // btw in  notepad it looks good @ 12px

this has no antialias at all. i’ve tried with silkscreen, and i remember the correct size for no aa was something silly like 9.77f or something like that.

anyway have the possibility to turn off hinting in font rasterization could a good thing, but from what i remember, jules hasn’t the same idea on this…


thanks for this info, i’ll try to play with the font size.