Quick and dirt way to live scrolling floats?

Hi guys,

i'm trying to plot data from an envelope follower in order to debug and tune the detected envelope. There's any quick & dirt way to do that? I already tried with AudioThumbnail and AudioVisualiserComponent, but unsuccesfully.


Any advice?


Those classes are the quick and dirty way to show audio data.. You don't say why you failed, but maybe try again?

Thanks Jules. Since the values I need to plot are floats coming from an envelope follower and those classes can be fed by a buffer, I stored those values in a new buffer via addSample. In the AudioVisualiserComponent I can manage to show a waveform if I fed it with values from my main buffer, but nothing happens if I fed it with the new one.

Then my psychic powers tell me that you probably have a bug in your code. Unfortunately, that's the most helpful I can be given the available info. :)

lol true :P my bad. that's nothing trivial... on processBlock i get the value on each sample and store it in this new buffer. On the Editor timer, I call pushBuffer (for the Visualiser).

Now I got AudioVisualiserComponent to work by using a writePointer instead of addSample to the new buffer. I have to try better with the thumbnail, in order to properly zoom the signal.

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