Quick question about Slider

I create a new Slider and set its style to IncDecButtons.
I set its range from 1 to 64, with 1 as interval.
Then I move the mouse wheel on it.
The current value of the slider jumps with increments of 2.
Is it possible to change somehow this increment value to 1?
So when I move the wheel it just changes the current value by 1?

I’m surprised it doesn’t already do that - it probably just needs a bit of tweaking…

So do you know what should I call in order to do it?
I don’t see anything useful… but I’m maybe missing something obvious.
I’ll step through the slider class code and look for mouse wheel related stuff.

I see in Slider::mouseWheelMove you are using

const double proportionDelta = (wheelIncrementX != 0 ? -wheelIncrementX : wheelIncrementY) * 0.15f;

Could you add a parameter to specify the delta from outside, with related set/get functions?
That would be very useful!

As if the slider class isn’t already too bloated!

That magic 0.15 number would have been chosen with no thought about how it’d work in an inc/dec slider, so it’s probably just better to tweak it to use a more appropriate number when in that mode.

Ok, I’ll do that.
Thank you, as always!