Slider class - mouse wheel adjustment

Hey Jules,
would it be possible to add a little adjustment to the Slider class, that it would be possible to control the way the mousewheel affects the slider movement?
For example change the fixed value of 0.15f in

[code]void Slider::mouseWheelMove (const MouseEvent& e, float wheelIncrementX, float wheelIncrementY)
if (scrollWheelEnabled && isEnabled())
if (maximum > minimum && ! isMouseButtonDownAnywhere())
if (valueBox != 0)
valueBox->hideEditor (false);

        const double proportionDelta = (wheelIncrementX != 0 ? -wheelIncrementX : wheelIncrementY) * 0.15f;

to a variable ‘wheelDistance’ or something like that and add a

setWheelDistance(float newDistance) function to adjust the movement.

If nothing else is affected by this change it would be cool if you could add something like that.


Yes - good idea. I’ve been thinking I need to rehash the wheel stuff anyway, because these days you see both smooth scrollers like apple mice, and clicky pc-style ones. Will have a think about it.