Quick suggestion

Could you add getter method for a slider’s double click return value? That way look and feels can have sliders like this:

good idea - consider it done.

i can’t comprehend any of that sentence jtxx000 - would you mind explaining so that i understand? not that it matters what i get- i just can’t link that image to that sentence! :s

Bah, English has never been one of my strong points :stuck_out_tongue: The slider class has a method setDoubleClickReturnValue that sets the default value of a slider, but there is no getDoubleClickReturnValue. This is important if you want to have a custom look and feel class that has an indication of the default, such as the pic where there’s a shaded line coming from the default value.

Hope that made a bit more sense…

ahhh! of course :smiley: sorry, the link has now been made :slight_smile: thanks for explaining it!