Slider regression

Hi Jules,

Upgrading to recent version of Juce leads to an automatic value set when double clicking a slider.
This was not the case in previous version and the doc state

This lets you choose whether double-clicking moves the slider to a given position.
By default this is turned off, but it’s handy if you want a double-click to act as a quick way of resetting a slider. Just pass in the value you want it to go to when double-clicked.


Weirdly this happen on mac and not on PC.
So maybe some missing init

doubleClickReturnValue is not initialized by default and doubleClickToValue is never checked in mouseDoubleClick func

Doh! Thanks! I’ll sort that out right away!

looking at the commit, I suspect it still doesn’t work

You don’t take into account doubleClickToValue in mouseDoubleClick

You’re quite right, thanks… Fixed now.