Double-clicking a slider doesn't trigger sliderValueChanged()

Hi lads,

I have a little block of code inside the sliderValueChanged() listener which makes several calculations every time a slider value is changed. Unfortunately, resetting the slider by double-clicking doesn’t call sliderValueChanged().

Is this normal?


Can somebody confirm if that’s a bug or a feature?

I just checked here:

It sends a notification, and in my code I got a breakpoint there when I double click.

Any chance it’s in your code why it doesn’t react?

I have overridden sliderValueChanged() like this:

void sliderValueChanged(juce::Slider* slider) override;

then I have attached the listener:


and then only moving the slider triggers this method, but not double-clicking/resetting:

void TestAudioProcessorEditor::sliderValueChanged(juce::Slider* slider)