Mouse double-click and drag issue

Hi folks

I have a filmstrip knob derived from the Slider class where I've discovered a glitch in the mouse callbacks.

If i double click on the knob to reset to default and start dragging too fast, the Slider gets a second double-click callback when the mouse is released after dragging. It's not a deal-breaker, but annoying when slider resets to default again immediately after the user is done setting its value. Any workarounds?

My log looks like this:


and this is the bug in action:

Yeah, I see this behavior as well… the problem is that a mouseDoubleClick triggers a sendDragStart() and sendDragEnd()… so in your derived class you can’t check startedDragging() and stoppedDragging() and set a boolean value… the value always get reset before mouseDoubleClick(). I’m sure it can be fixed by a change to the Slider class… but not in a subclass.

The easiest solution may be not to allow a double click to reset to default… only an Alt/Option click.


Thanks - this should be fixed now.

Thanks! Confirmed working here ;)