Quicktime support dropped in MacOSX SDK 10.12


I’m trying to compile some (not so) old code using the new JUCE/XCode on a new Mac OSX 10.12 machine.

The code utilises QuickTime to stream video from a webcam, but it would appear that Quicktime is no longer supported by the SDK.

Therefore, I’ve tried rolling back and using the SDK 10.11 and linking the QTkit library within Xcode, rather than in JUCE; however, this still produces errors that say "unknown type name “QTCaptureDevice” did you mean “AVCaptureDevice”?, for example.

The code still compiles on an older Mac OSX 10.10 with the newest version of JUCE 4. And also compiles fine on a Windows machine, using the latest JUCE (but without using quicktime).

Ideally the code should still compile using the latest Mac and JUCE version. Therefore, If anyone can suggest a workaround, that would be most appreciated :slight_smile:


Update: When rolling back to JUCE 4 and using Mac SDK 10.11, the code now compiles using the latest Xcode. Therefore, this problem was introduced in JUCE 5.

You’ll need to add the QTKit framework to the list of extra frameworks in the Projucer. However, you’ll also need to downgrade your SDK (changing the deployment target is unfortunately not enough).