Radio Button behavior changes?

Hi Jules,


Just wanted to say that the radio button callback behavior has recently changed.

We used to only receive buttonClicked for the newly pushed button

and now you receive it for the toggled AND the untoggled button.


Not sure this was the wanted behavior.


Thanks !

Already done, see:

I was using the tip.

I'm afraid it's still hapenning :)


Sorry about that.

Ah, I misread your original post.. In fact it now works how it was always supposed to work - it seems to me that any button listeners must get informed when the state changes, no matter whether it's turning on or off. If it didn't work like that in the past, I think that was unintentional.

I can understand this new behavior, but I'm sure it's going to break a lot of program :)

Maybe it should be the case for buttonStateChanged but not buttonClicked

Oh my god, this function is driving my insane! Every tiny tweak I make to fix one bug has led to some other stupid edge-case popping up somewhere else!

Ok, I've made one last change to avoid this situation, but no more!