Random mouse pointers styles


Since upgrading to the git tip yesterday, I seem to get lots of random mouse pointer styles when floating in and out of my VST plugin’s desktop windows.
Test environment: Windows 7 64 bit.
I get horizontal resizers, vertical resizers, ‘please wait’ spinning circles. I am not trying to influence mouse pointers styles in my code at all, but I noticed that this is a brand new Juce feature. Anyone else seeing the same thing?


Bit more investigation. This doesn’t happen in Cubase or Ableton Live, only a problem in Reaper (x64). Probably something to do with the reaper bridge as my plugin is 32 bit.

Probably should have started this thread in the plugins section - sorry.


Beats me, I’m afraid, there’s nothing obvious wrong with the mouse cursor code… I’ve not got reaper in win7 to try at the moment, will have a look eventually when I get that set up, but if you wanted to do some digging, you might try a breakpoint in MouseCursor::showInWindow and see if there’s anything weird going on.


BTW, did you try the juce demo?


I haven’t tried the Juce demo yet. Will do, as soon as I get a chance.


This has been fixed in the current Git tip. Thanks Jules. :smiley: